What Can We Afford?

What can we afford? The best, the good or the middle of the road? The supersize, the large or the small bag of fries. A new car, a used car, a repaired car that is paid for? Choices. Always we have choices in life.

Here is a great experiment that was very helpful in a workshop I attended. Emphasis on each of the four words gives you a completely different way of understanding this concept.

  1. WHAT can we afford?
  2. What CAN we afford?
  3. What can WE afford?
  4. What can we AFFORD?    

Be very clear about what you really want and why.

A great man once said: "True unhappiness comes from giving up what you really want, for what you want right now."  Perhaps the price of what you want right now may cost you a secure future, a peaceful relationship or  savings for an emergency.  Everyone likes to dream about what they can or can't afford and base their choices on unrealistic information.

Face the realities of your life

Whether you can afford something right now is not a good criteria for judgement, unless you take into consideration other factors.  You never want to get into difficulties because of overspending.  Difficulties breed unhappiness in all six areas of your life.  If you want more information about the six areas of life, check out one of my many books called "Out of Balance? Be a Bounce-Back Person"  

If you really want and need something but do not have the available cash, then try one of the many "gigs" and "side hustles" at www.WelcomeAbundance.com  You will find that you will be able to afford more and have confidence in your ability to create cash when you want it.

Blessings on a more abundant life.

Judy Helm Wright, Intuitive wise woman with respect for all creatures.

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