Save Money on Buying a Car (EXPERT)

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Now is the time to take control of your finances and bring a more abundant life to you and yours.

Save Money on Buying a Car (EXPERT)

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Most people spend far more to own and maintain their cars than they can actually afford.  Are you in that group?  Are you overspending on car expenses?  Do you know what you should allocate for transportation in your budget?

It used to be that experts suggested that people spent the equivalent of about two month’s salary on a car.  And if you did not pay cash for the car, you financed the total over a period of twelve to eighteen months with your credit union or the car dealership.

In previous years, cars were simple to fix and could be done by yourself or the neighbor who works out of his garage with ordinary tools.

New Normal

Now people are spending a fortune for a car, finance it for 48 months or longer and spend a large portion of their paycheck on repairs, upkeep and replacement parts.  Today’s cars are made with computers and require specially trained repairman and expensive tools to fix even the simplest thing on your car.

Buy Used Instead of New

The minute you drive off the lot it is used, so be a smart shopper and save money on buying a car used. You will get the value of the car at a reduced rate, especially if you remember to ask some important questions.

Questions To Ask Salesperson

  1. How many miles does this car have on the odometer?
  2. How would you describe how this car runs and rides?
  3. Where was this car bought from? (Especially important if it was in a flood or hurricane, defects may not be visible.)
  4. Are you willing to let me get this inspected independently by my own repair shop?
  5. Can you show me the service records?
  6. What are you willing to sell the car for?  What is your bottom number?

Smart Money

Use your negotiation skills to get a fair deal, but only after you have answers that not only seem accurate, but that you have checked out with Kelly Blue Book or other car spots online.

If you are overspending on your cars, consider selling at least one of them and cut down on your expenses.  Remember the only way to  is to either increase your income  or decrease your outgo.


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