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Hello from beautiful Montana,

We have been where you are. Our family has always had multiple streams of income, and we have taught our children and grandchildren to be entrepreneurs.

They were able to pay for their own college educations and save for a home of their own. Now, as adults, they are very successful in their chosen careers.

Not only did working side hustles teach them to have a strong work ethic, but most importantly, to be problem solvers.  They have the confidence to try new things and explore new adventures.

While financial security is an amazing side effect of multiple streams of income, the most important key benefit is personal and professional growth. The confidence that comes from owning your own business and orchestrating your own future is amazing.

We want this same freedom for you and yours. Leave a comment about your side hustle, and you may be included in the next edition of “Fast Cash—Fun and Legal Ways To Earn an Extra $200 in a Weekend”

Dwain and Judy Helm Wright

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