10 Clever Ways to Make Money Online

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10 Clever Ways to Make Money Online

Making money is a piece of cake. Don’t believe me? I’m currently sitting with my mom in my driveaway for a neighborhood yard sale, and the first thing to go were plastic water bottles from a Zombie Run marked at 25 cents a pop. #makeitrain. But seriously, making money is easy. Especially with this thing called le internet. It seems like you can do virtually EVERYTHING online nowadays. From shopping shoes to ordering pizza, all you need is a good WiFi connection and you’re digitally connected to anything and anyone. Cray, right? Especially in an increasingly techy world, everyone and their mother has a side business, part-time online gig, MLM, or monetized hobby that brings in benjamins when the 9-to-5 ends (or while it’s happening…it’s cool, I won’t tell your boss ). Everyone wants to know how to make money online. It’s the hot topic, and it keeps getting hotter.

There are quite a few options nowadays for making a little extra cash on the side, so for anyone looking for more moola, whether it’s for Starbucks or a savings fund, I’ve got ya covered with how to make money online (in 10 minutes a day tops).

Make Money Online

  1. Sell your Instagram photos. Rumor has it that Instagram is all the rage right now (grow your profile with these tips!), and rumor *also* has it that a website called Instaprints lets you sell your photos to be printed on various products. Pretty cool concept, especially for the Insta-lovers in the house!
  2. Opinion Outpost*. This site is BANK. Literally. Opinion Outpost is completely FREE to join (nothing beats free 99!), and you get paid for EVERY survey that you complete. As a marketing chica, I wholeheartedly appreciate this; big brands needs to do market research, and they turn to the general public for opinions on products. So for whatever matters to you…you take a survey (they vary in length depending on what it is!), and BOOM – you receive Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards, and/or cold hard CASH if that’s more your jam. You’re also entered to win one of four $10,000 cash drawings. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through your newsfeed (again) when waiting in line or hanging around, why not earn actual income? I mean…#nobrainer.
  3. Sell clothes on Poshmark. An easy way to turn over the bottom-of-the-drawer pieces you’ll forget about until next Christmas. I’m a huge fan of donating gently used clothing to people in need, but you shouldn’t feel guilty wanting to make a few bucks from your barely-worn Michael Kors flats or that “professional” bag you bought because your mom told you to. Use any money you make from selling your stuff to buy your future wishlist items!
  4. Freelance your skills. Whether you’re a stellar writer, strategist, journalist…you name it and you can freelance or contract your work out on a case-by-case basis. This isn’t as easy as taking a survey, it’s definitely more time-consuming, and it requires considerable skill to actually garner decent pay. BUT, if you’ve got a talent + passion…why NOT freelance? A free options include Listverse ($100 for funny lists of at least 10) and A List Apart (where prices vary with length of piece, ranging from $50 to $200 a pop).
  5. Get on Influenster. Influenster is a perfect hub for product reviews and information when you’re in the market for something new, but it ALSO lets you get involved yourself in aiding *other* people’s purchasing decisions. By answering quick questions – “snaps” – and asking + answering product questions, you gain points towards your overall “score”…which then lets you gain access to product VoxBoxes. You’ll spontaneously receive survey opportunities via email to see if you qualify, and if you do, you get free goodies at your doorstep. GOOD goodies at your doorstep. 100% worth a sign up! I just got two Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipsticks in the mail, and they’re the bomb dot com – hydrating and super pigmented. Influenster brings its A-game for you!
  6. Install Qmee. Qmee is an easy extension to Google Chrome that monetizes your search engine inquiries. When you Google certain things, you can earn a few cents off of that search. I wrote more about Qmee before, but let me tell you – I still have it installed and love it, because it’s great Starbucks money! It’s programmed though to be a bit more infrequent, so you can’t hack the system by just randomly searching for things constantly. It’ll go with your natural searching patterns and reward you for being a strong Googler!
  7. Start a blog. DO NOT start a blog just to make money…because most blogs make zero money. Making money blogging is actually really difficult. BUT, if and when you are able to monetize…you can make a pretty penny! If you’re interested in starting a blog, this insanely in-depth how-to guide is for you.
  8. Test websites. And/or do various web research and analysis projects from home. User Testing pays $10 for 15-20 minutes of your time as you record yourself experiencing a website – something very valuable to website owners who want to see how user friendly their site is!
  9. Transcribe documents. Earn up to $15/hour by transcribing things into documents for the clients who need them most.
  10. Join affiliate networks. Especially if you’re consistently sharing things you love – like this pineapple tee, these rosé-inspired espadrilles, or this champagne highlighter – you can earn a few bucks or cents from anyone who purchases product through that link. Not useful unless you’re truly convincing others to buy things, but an option nonetheless!

erica-ligenzaI’m Erica. Fueled by strong coffee, loud laughter, a bold lip and great accessories. This blog reflects the things I love most: inspirational things, funny things, beautiful things, and people things. Thanks for hanging out.








P.S. Sign up for Opinion Outpost. Like, seriously peeps. You have literally NOTHING to lose, and it’s awesome making extra bank now and then! It has quickly become one of my faves on this list, because I lovelovelove having the opportunity to consistently have easy, free money-makers right at my fingertips. Part of my daily dedication to eliminate wastefulness and do everything with and ON purpose!

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