Welcome Abundance into your life

If you need more income, all you really need is one idea and the courage to go for it. Imagine what you can do with an extra $200 every weekend.

Do you need…

  • More money?
  • Family happiness?
  • Secure future?
  • Options and Choices?
  • Ideas for a side hustle that works?
  • Joy in your daily life?

If you read the news and listen to your neighbors, you know most people today end up with too many expenses and not enough money. Everybody is worried, but you have the power to change the narrative.

Many service providers, college graduates, and senior citizens are searching for ways to increase or supplement their income. There are very few jobs around that will pay sufficient to cover needs, let alone wants.

The economy has been hard hit by COVID, the war in Ukraine, and the high costs of goods and services. The news can be very discouraging no matter how much motivation, skill, and talent you have.​

Does this sound like you and your family?

You are not alone.

45% of working Americans report having a side hustle. That means 70 million people just like you have found a way to creatively Make More Cash with their margins of time.

If you are a millennial, then 50% of people your age have discovered a part-time gig.

Even though there are “Help Wanted” signs everywhere, they require fixed schedules and a set amount of earnings. And, most importantly, a job (just over broke) does not feed your soul or fuel your passion.​

*You are not lazy or unmotivated! You want to provide for your needs and wants in a way that gives you joy. You recognize that you just need an idea, some extra time, and a bit of seed money to get started.​

I invite you to imagine yourself being your own boss and doing what you love. What are you going to do to earn more money? You will be amazed at what you already know.

Can you picture yourself and your family doing these part-time gigs or side hustles to increase income and happiness?

We can help you find the idea that will provide you with multiple streams of income.

“How to Make Fast Cash. Fun and Legal Ways to Earn More Money in a Weekend”:

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Smart people are fulfilling their passions and earning extra money. Why? Why Not You? Why Not Now?
You are in the driver’s seat, (literally and figuratively if you do rideshare). You call the shots. You decide what you can and will earn by working in the margins of time available. It is possible to find gigs that involve your whole family, so you maximize togetherness and teach valuable life lessons.
By developing a hobby or passionate idea, you can create a great opportunity to find joy in your work.
You will love the 148 great ideas on making fast cash. Some are well known, some are quirky, and some are so easy to accomplish that you will start them today. Some will resonate immediately, and some will take a little planning and organization.
Here is a sample of the subjects covered to move you from broke to banking some serious money. Many of the people we interviewed started out with a gig and ended up with a career. You can too.
Some of the ideas you will find inside:
· How to make extra money at home
· How to make money online
· How to make money with craft fairs
· How to make fast cash with service jobs
· How you can make extra money with entertainment
· What to do when you need money now
· How to set up your business legally
· How to make extra money in the margins of time
· Lots of on-the-side job ideas and hustles
· Easy ways to make money this weekend
· How to make money with quirky gigs
· How to turn a gig into a profession and career
Whether you need to supplement your income or create a job, you now have the tools and techniques to Make Fast Cash: Fun & Legal Ways To Earn More Money In A Weekend!

Five Star Reviews for “How to Make Fast Cash. Fun and Legal Ways to Earn More Money in a Weekend.”

Online course, “How to Make Fast Cash”:

Join expert Judy Helm Wright on her online course as she walks you through the steps of adding extra income to your bank account. As a student, you will be guided through ten lectures devoted to different ways you can earn extra money, whether it’s with travel, working online, or doing arts and crafts and selling your products.

Reviews for How to Make Fast Cash Online Course:

“Thanks so much, Judy! I just needed an idea to spark my imagination. I knew I hated my job but was not sure how to switch to something I loved”. MJF, Illinois

“My husband and I were literally scared to death about the upcoming rent and doctor bills due on the first of the month. We enrolled in the course, spent every night getting ready, and showed up Saturday at the Farmer’s Market in our community. He did balloon animals, and I took in the money. By Saturday night we had enough to pay our bills and buy us hamburgers on the way home.”— Tessa, Montana

Free Side Hustle Checklist:

Have you ever dreamed of doing something you love to make money? Perhaps you were afraid of failure or rejection? Maybe you thought a job you hated was better than trying something new. If it is eating at your soul, then now is the time to change.

Can you visualize yourself being passionate about a side hustle or part-time gig? What would you do if you knew you could not fail? How would you and your family feel if you could earn extra money by doing something fun and energizing? Visualize the joy of pursuing your passions by working in the margins of time. What could be better than working on something you love AND making extra money in the meantime? Side hustles and part-time gigs provide an additional source of income!

You are in the right place at the right time. This is the opportunity that you have been praying and waiting for.

Actually, my friend, now is the time, the place, and the opportunity that will fit your dreams, ambitions, and talents. Now is the time to not only think outside the box but to build a better box. All you need is an idea. You will build the roadmap, but you need an idea that will move you into a state of Welcome Abundance.

Click on the link for the free checklist below to choose a side hustle and begin to make money on the side today.

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