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If you need more income, all you really need is one idea and the courage to go for it. You will enjoy this book on How To Make Fast Cash.

Most people today end up with too many expenses and not enough money. Many college graduates, senior citizens and downsized executives are searching for ways to increase or supplement their income. There are very few jobs around that will pay sufficient to cover needs, let alone wants.

Jobs that used to be available for unskilled workers or teenagers are now being taken by those who are under-employed. The unemployment figures are discouraging no matter how much motivation, skill, and talent you have.

You started selling old stuff on Craigslist and donating plasma, and you’re still not covering expenses. So what are you to do to make more money?

Create A Job.

Author Judy H. Wright and a group of interns were having a break at Artichoke Press when they shared the difficulty of finding work to pay their expenses.

A brainstorming session tuned into a project, which turned into interviews, which morphed into the book you are looking at right now!

The young interns learned that no matter who signs the paycheck, the business you work for is always you. The more sources of income and options you have, the happier you will be.

You will love the 148 great ideas on making fast cash. Some are well known, some are quirky, some are so easy to accomplish that you will start them today. Some will resonate immediately and some will take a little planning and organization.

Faith Popcorn, a futurist, calls the phenomenon “clicking” when you hear an idea and click your fingers thinking, “I can do that.” And you can.

Motivation, Resources & Tips To Create Fast Cash

Here is a sample of the subjects covered to move you from broke to banking some serious money. Many of the people we interviewed started out with a gig and ended up with a career. You can too.

Top 3 Ways To Earn $200 In A Weekend

1. Sell “stuff” on Craigslist, eBay, Etsy or an online classified listing.
2. Sell products at arts & craft shows or an open market.
3. Do services for others.

Making Money Outside
Making Money Inside
Making Money Online
Making Money With Arts & Crafts
Making Money With Food & Beverages
Making Money With Entertainment
Making Money With Travel & Adventure
Making Money With Quirky Gigs
Making A Gig Into A Profession & Career

Whether you need to supplement your income or create a job, you now have the tools and techniques to Make Fast Cash—Fun & Legal Ways To Earn More Money In A Weekend

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