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Top 11 Tips to Save on Food

As a member of Quora, I was so pleased with this answer from Keith Shannon, I asked permission to share it with you.  Some great ideas to a common problem of spending more money than you have on eating out with friends.–Judy Helm Wright Keith

Earn Extra Money with MLM (Expert)

At a recent women's conference, as I visited the various vendor booths, I was struck by the change in the demographics of businesses over the last ten years.  Four out of five of the businesses represented were based on the direct sales or network marketing

Save Money on Buying a Car (EXPERT)

Save Money on Buying a Car (EXPERT) (c) Judy Helm Wright   Most people spend far more to own and maintain their cars than they can actually afford.  Are you in that group?  Are you overspending on car expenses?  Do you know what you should

5 Money Saving Tips (Expert)

5 Smart Money Saving Tips For Abundance When we  published our latest book How To Make Fast Cash: Fun & Legal Ways To Earn More Money In A Weekend, I was amazed at the comments that came in from our readers.  Many good, honest, hardworking people were

IRS tax scams

Scam Alert: Fake Emails from IRS Lead to Identity Theft

Scam Alert: Fake Emails from IRS Lead to Identity Theft E-mail scammers are masters of illusion. They go to great lengths to convince you that they are someone else and trick you to hand over sensitive personal information. They know that people are wary of

Danger Signs of Debt: How To Make More Money

By Judy Helm Wright, author of "How To Make Fast Cash: Fun and Legal Ways To Earn More Money In a Weekend." This article originally posted on the blog at No matter what circumstances may have thrown you off track in being financially secure,

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